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Featuring Various Artists


These pieces have been commissioned (or created) by the author, Aaron Scott Wickel, for conceptual purposes only.

It is important to know that these works of art are for entertainment purposes only. How you imagine my characters (aside from major physical characteristics, i.e. hair color, etc.) is however you construct them in your mind. I don't want to step on that inherent creativity, as it's a story's internal visualization that is the best part of reading. 

Please enjoy!!!

*Disclaimer: It has been brought to my attention that the artist who drew Zaelek, Kinara, Parnikus, and Benazahg stole the artwork, modified it slightly, then sold it to me. As I purchased these pieces in good faith, I will not be taking them down unless the original artist of any piece reaches out to me requesting for it to be taken down. I paid over 300 dollars for these pieces, and because Fiverr doesn't inspect pieces for forgery, I ended up where we are. Fiverr also refuses to refund it or rectify this issue. The artist (who was banned from Fiverr not long after they did this to someone else later) also refuses to acknowledge the theft or refund me.

Zaelek Khiings

Born to Ettias and Maialyn Khiings in the small town of Corai, a farming community in Alympia. He currently works with the local law enforcement agency as a part-time consultant during the off seasons, but often finds himself helping his father run the family farm when he isn’t working. Zaelek has three other siblings: Parnikus (the eldest brother), Asariel (Zaelek’s twin sister), and Benazahg (the youngest brother). Though Parnikus has left home to study abroad, the three remaining siblings are enough to give their father more gray hairs than he’d like, especially Asariel.
From a young age, Zaelek has been fascinated with Guardians, a race that has developed control over elemental force. Unfortunately, he and his family are part of the uncommon population known as “Unevolved Humans”, who have no such abilities. Zaelek can only dream of being part of the Guardian society, but most unevolved humans have congregated in Olympia, the poorest continent in the world, leaving him with little to no contact with the Guardians.

Zaelek Khiings with two swords

Kinara Katari

Kinara is an Inferno Guardian in the United Guardian Forces. She was assigned to the Seeker Corps thanks to her unique ability to sharpen her senses. Seekers help the Guardian Investigation Task Force (GITF) on occasion with high-profile cases or anything they need a well-trained pair of eyes for (i.e., bomb threats, search and rescue, etc.). They also can be assigned to a myriad of other roles within the Forces.
Kinara lost her parents in a tragic accident at a tender age while they were out on a mission. From then on, she was raised by her uncle, Colonel Kehndrig Voelker. Over time her skills grew. She excelled in the academy and graduated at the top of her class.
Fresh out of school, she met Alator, a young GITF Lieutenant. They became close, and much to Kinara's delight, Alator proposed. With her Fiance at her side, and her uncle's blessing, she is ready to tackle anything thrown at her... at least, that's what she thought.

Kinara Katari with sword and flame

Benazahg Khiings

Ben is the youngest of the Khiings siblings. At 17 years old, he is starting to figure out his place in the world. Often caught in the crossfire between Zaelek and Ari (the Khiings twins), he tries to play the mediator while their eldest sibling (Parnikus) is attending school, but usually fails. Though the youngest, Ben is taller and outweighs Zaelek, giving him an advantage when doing farm chores. His saga is about to be written amongst the greatest Guardians, he just doesn’t know it yet...

Benazahg Khiings with his trident

Parnikus Khiings

Parnikus is the eldest of the Khiings children. When he is home, he usually ends up being the peacekeeper between Ari and Zaelek (the Khiings twins). However, he hasn't been home for a time due to his attendance at the Alympian Veterinarian School. He has always had a love for animals and intends to put his passion to good use back in his hometown once he graduates. His dream is to open his practice and help local farmers with their livestock at a discount price.

Parnikus Khiings with his trident

Zaelek's Sword (Transformed Form)

This is a 3D modeled replica of Zaelek's sword when he unleashes his armor. The two separate blades fuse to create a single, gigantic sword with a gap running down the center. This particular weapon is linked to Zaelek's armor that is associated with Lycaon, his first Daemon.

~Author Created~

Zaelek's Transformed Sword 3D model
Artwork: Work
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