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This is the first book in the Elements Series. You will be able to find it at all major book retailers, but you can head over to the store on this site to purchase it.


Kinara Katari and her fiancé, Alator, both serve in the Guardian Forces of Alympia, each with different talents and levels of experience. When the unrelenting enemy Javelar attacks, they join their comrades in battle, but the results are devastating to both civilians and fighters. Suddenly Kinara is no longer a bride planning her wedding but a warrior fighting for her place in the ranks.
At the same time, in a small rural town on the planet's poorest continent, the Khiings family is beginning to plan a celebration for their oldest son's return from college. Then Kinara, an old family friend, shows up on their doorstep and an unwise choice first puts her life in jeopardy, and not long after makes her the custodian of Zaelek, the second Khiings son, who is just beginning to find the source of his own power.
As Zaelek struggles to discover just who and what he is, events no longer allow for a leisurely exploration of his progress but accelerate the process in ways he never could have imagined as he is swept along by forces beyond his control.
Everyone has secrets here and as life devolves into chaos, some are exposed while some remain hidden as everyone must do what they can to survive.


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A Voice of Fire Cover

Elements: A Voice of Fire

Now available in eBook and paperback formats (!

After training with the Altarians, Zaelek Khiings and Kinara Katari must put their newfound powers to the test. However, what lies ahead is far more dangerous and complicated than anyone expected.

Meanwhile, Ben and Parnikus have been abandoned in the desert of Holus. As they unlock life-changing secrets within Javelar, they must decide where their loyalties lie.

Will Ben and Parnikus discover the truth before it’s too late? Will Kinara have the strength to conquer unforeseen enemies? Can Zaelek fight Javelar and battle his own Daemons at the same time?

Elements Series: Projects
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